Read between the data

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Digital made

Digital made

We are the digital and social
content agency that is evolving
the way healthcare brands
interact with their audience.

We are insightful strategists, creative
collaborators, and innovative change-
makers navigating an evolving digital
landscape at the pace of technological
advancement and cultural change.

Since 2018, we have been producing
digital and social solutions for a range
of forward-thinking healthcare clients.
Using our behavioral economics and
audience-first philosophy, we have
successfully helped brands achieve
more meaningful connections with target
consumers and healthcare professionals.
We position brands to truly matter.

Inside the lab

the lab

We help our health and wellness, pharma, and biotech clients tell compelling brand stories across a range of digital and social touchpoints that cut through the content chaos to stay top of mind.

Shift mindsets.
Change behavior.
Build relationships.

Inside the lab, we let the data do the talking. We challenge beliefs to uncover new opportunities. We use insights to test assumptions. We design engaging digital experiences and social activations to inspire breaking habits and brand loyalty.

Our stellar team of experts bring a range of diverse thinking and relentless curiosity, along with expertise in and out of the healthcare space, in verticals like entertainment, branded content, telecommunications, education, and music.



We apply the 5iConnect Method to
help brands navigate the customer
journey and increase engagement,
education, and message retention.

Our proprietary approach is a collaborative one.
We deep dive into market analyses, convert data into compelling human insights, and translate
our research into intuitive strategy
and impactful creative.

Our team works with our client partners to help them overcome business challenges and deliver solutions that outperform expectations. And we don’t stop when the campaign ends. We evaluate the performance metrics—learn, refine, and optimize—bringing us back to the starting line for future campaigns.

This is our 360° process in action.



Brian Knight, MBA, PhD
Founder & President

Inspired by science, Brian pursued academic research but soon discovered his real passion was to apply
the rigors of the scientific method to observe human behavior and culture to finding solutions to current business challenges in healthcare.

Before KNIGHTLABS, Brian consulted and worked on the client side in market research and strategy, exposing him to the challenges faced when marketers aimed to convert data into actionable strategy. Brian turned his frustration into action and opened a new style of creative agency defined by using data as
the foundation and through-line for digital
and social marketing efforts.



People are our priority, curiosity is
encouraged, and all ideas are welcome.

Self-starters. Over-achievers. Passionate problem-solvers.

We foster a culture of constant learning, creative collaboration, professional (and personal) growth, and open communication to attract the best team possible. We never shy away from asking questions, we are not afraid to challenge assumptions, and we always feel free to speak our minds, even if others disagree.

In fact, we love it when that happens — that’s what being passionate is all about.

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